Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Our Advert for 'Fort Brown's Eternal Flame'

The Magazine Article:

The Analysis:

For our photos we had done a realy quick photo shoot outside our media room of the 'Lead' singer Jace, we had him lying alone as the music portrays him as a lonely person in love.

Having a close up shot of Jace emphasizes the point, especialy our choice in DVD front cover.

Font for Fort Brown was used to make it look like a signature or even hand written to give the impression the artist created everything himself.

The DVD cover:

Madonna we hate?


Within This song, Madonna is portraying herself as a innocent young girl who is falling in love with the wrong kind'a man in her Farja's eyes which within the period this song and video came out, there was a love story that fits social convention. (june 11 1986, this was the start of Madonna's career) this song also trys to portray that she is a daddy's girl who rebels.


The music video was directed in 2000 by jean-Baptiste Modino.
The music video portrays Madonna as being a chilled out western 'cowgirl'.
By listening to the lyrics of the song its self, she try's to show herself as being independent as her song title suggests, "Don't ever tell me to stop..." is a line of her song.
The way her music video backs up her supposed independence is by having Madonna being the only female dancer surrounded by male dancers which could show she is saying 'I may be a woman but i can dance just as good as a guy' in the beginning shes danceing on her own with snap shot videos of other males dancers dancing seperatley then towards the end she starts to take the lead in the choreographed dance sequence and leads the dance in a glossy outfit which makes her stand out more than the other dancers.


Madonna has changed her image yet again to a whore! a skanky whore!
(this is not the view of the whole group, i speak for myself and only myself) she is attempting to fit the R'n'B mould, im sure, in an attempt to keep with social conventions and conform with the mainstream to gain popularity.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Album Cover's We Made

George's Album Cover Design:

Jace's Album Cover Design:

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Album Cover Analasis

The album cover that I have chosen to analyse is Eminem's Recovery.

This is what it looks like:

A) How does it build the artist's image?
- I think that this album cover perfectly represents the artist's image. The artist, Eminem, is known to be having a lot of problems. He took time out from being a famous rap artist to sort his own life out. During this period he made himself separate from the world. Completely isolating himself. In the picture on the album cover it shows the world as we know it but he's not part of it. He's separated by the glass box that's he's in. This shows us what he's feeling and what he's actually like.

B) How is it appropriate to the genre of music?
C) Is the image sybolic of the artist/album?
D) What Icon's/Logo's do they have on and why?

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Our Practice LipSync song!

today we chose to do the song

The Bangles : Eternal Flame

Released February 11, 1989
Format Vinyl record (7")
CD (3")
Recorded Ocean Way, Studio 55 (1988)
Genre Pop
Soft rock
Length 3:56
Label CBS
Writer(s) Susanna Hoffs
Tom Kelly
Billy Steinberg
Producer Davitt Sigerson

As our group consists of males this song is going to be rather strange for us to complete without it being in a humerus manner.
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